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About the founder

Dr Alia Brahimi is a leading specialist in the Middle East and North Africa. She was previously a Research Fellow at the London School of Economics, a Research Associate in International Relations at the University of Oxford, and a Research Fellow at St. Antony's College, Oxford. In 2017, she also served as an expert witness to the UK Defence Select Committee on emerging threats from the Middle East and North Africa.

Alia is the author of Jihad and Just War in the War on Terror (Oxford University Press, 2010) as well as many articles and policy briefs on the politics of the region. She is regularly quoted by the international press and has written commentary for The Guardian, The Telegraph, Foreign Policy, Al Jazeera, and the Atlantic Council. She has appeared regularly in the broadcast media, including on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, BBC Ten O’Clock News, CNN, National Public Radio (USA) and BBC Newsnight. You can read Alia’s commentary pieces here.

Alia was raised in the Middle East and North Africa and educated in the UK: she received her MPhil, DPhil (PhD), and post-doctorate in International Relations from Oxford University.